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Staying Safe

Staying Safe on

We’re excited to have you using our site and in a perfect world we would not have to provide you with guidelines to keep you and your family safe. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and although we will exert every effort to make this site as Family Friendly and safe as possible for all of our users, we know there are those out there who will try to take advantage of all the good people that use

Here are a few tips and guidelines that we ask you to follow:

1) Yes this is a Family Friendly site and we think that kids should also be allowed to sell their stuff on We do however recommend strongly that you monitor their use on a continual basis and make sure you are involved in any and all transactions they might be involved in.
2) Do not send cash or checks to anyone you do not know even if they have an ad on here. PayPal is a great way to do transactions with someone as there is a record of the exchange of money.
3) Be really wary of anyone offering to send you money from another country for your item. There are all kinds of scams out there. The best practice is still to meet in person, verify the item being sold and do the transaction that way.
4) Be careful of property rental and vacation rental scams. Verify the person you are talking to with phone numbers, references and make sure the property if real. Do not give deposits to anyone or pay fees up front until you verify the legitimacy of the offer.
5) If something sounds too good to be true, it just might not be so please be careful and always take precautions even when meeting someone to view the item for sale.
You get the idea. Just make sure you exercise common sense when buying or selling on and have FUN!!!